Meschac Gaba
Lives & Works in between Cotonou, Benin and Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Born in Cotonou in 1961, Meschac Gaba’s art embodies a conceptual language that describes the present, and questions the societal mutations engendered by the advent of globalisation. The artist, through his installations, takes hold of objects from daily life, particularly those belonging to local cultural tradition, and turns them into matters of creation, reflective of current times and its multitude of associated motifs. In this way he constructs a plastic language via the use of objects that, in being transferred across cultural contexts, retain very little of their local specificity and lead us to acknowledge and muse upon the notion of global culture, whilst simultaneously highlighting the effects of hybridisation and syncretism inherent to cross globalisation.

Meschac Gaba will be presented by In Situ - fabienne leclerc
Meschac Gaba, Les frêres Wright, 2010-2011, Braided artificial hair, coins and mannequin bust, 55 x 57 x 62 cm. © Marc Domage / Courtesy Meschac Gaba & Galerie In Situ-fabienne leclerc, Grand Paris.