Special Projects | New York 2024


As the parent brand of modern perfumery, Coty wrote the codes of what fragrance means today. Its bottles are not mere containers, but objects of beauty in their own right. Its fragrances are rooted in Paris but celebrate Coty’s creativity across the globe.

Behind the brand are two creators – Sue Nabi and Nicolas Vu. Born in Africa, Sue is passionate about all aspects of science, with an ambition to create a “desirable future”. At her side is Nicolas, born in Asia, steeped in urban culture, and always placing the socio-cultural dimension at the core of his creative mindset. True emissaries, the two have combined their savoir-faire and convictions into a collection of 14 creations, devised as the manifesto for a new dawn of perfumery.

Their approach is conceived around four complementary guiding principles: scientific innovation to serve longevity and scent, sustainability through reusable packaging, concentrated formulas free of unnecessary chemicals, and a creative echo to all forms of art.

Image: INFINIMENT COTY PARIS – Noir Encens – Thandiwe Muriu © Éric Poupel.



Art World Passport: A Photographic Journey of Immigration and Identity

artHARARE presents an interactive photographic installation at 1-54 New York. The installation features the photographic works of Wonai Haruperi, Kudakwashe Chakwanda, Nothando Chiwanga, Lennox Makurumidze, Martina Gruber and Tinotenda Chimuka.

At the heart of the exhibition presentation, a dynamic performance will unfold, inviting audience members to participate in the creation of their own Art World Passport. Visitors will be invited to apply for this symbolic passport, to symbolise their journey through the art world and their connection to the global community.

Upon application, each participant will have two photographs taken by a photographer exhibiting in the booth. One photograph will be attached to their new Art World Passport document, mimicking the format of a traditional passport. The second photograph will be added to the ongoing exhibition installation, further enriching the visual narrative of immigration and identity.

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Image: Lennox Makurumidze, Craving hands, 2024, Photograph. Courtesy of artHARARE.


Black Rock Global Arts Foundation

Black Rock Global Arts Foundation is thrilled to share an exhibition of works by former Black Rock Sénégal artists-in-residence. The exhibition features works by Grace Lynne Haynes (Year 1, Painting), Tajh Rust (Year 1, Painting), and Collins Obijiaku (Year 2, Painting). Their work explores the possibilities of portraiture, presenting three different approaches to capturing one’s likeness.

A portion of proceeds from the sale of works will go directly to supporting Black Rock Sénégal’s artist residency program, founded in 2019 by Kehinde Wiley.

Image: Tajh Rust, Tide, 2024, Oil and acrylic on canvas, image courtesy of the artist.


Special Project by Marcia Kure | Susan Inglett Gallery

Susan Inglett Gallery presents a Special Project by Marcia Kure for the 1-54 Contemporary African Art Fair. Kure’s multidisciplinary practice includes sculpture, painting, and collage, all exploring post-colonial concepts of identity and culture. The artist’s examination of the unseen networks that connect us uncovers both commonality and disparity while exploring mark-making as a system of language and exchange.

The installation will include sculptures that originated as a commission for the Menil Drawing Institute in conversation with recent paintings, both of which employ Kure’s distinct raw materiality. Her choice of materials imbue the works with an organic quality while also furthering the discussion of trade networks and commerce intertwined with the history of the African diaspora. Kure implicates the viewer in a history of migration and exploitation while canonising contemporary perspectives on the colonial past.

Image: MARCIA KURE, Warrior, 2022, Coffee, kola nut, indigo, watercolour, and pencil on paper, 182.88 × 121.92 cm. Copyright of the Artist, Courtesy of Susan Inglett Gallery, NYC.


Flower Shop Collective

Flower Shop Collective (FSC) is proud to present ‘An Archive as a Space for Gathering’. Bringing together four unique artists, this exhibition asks the question: how can one archive oral histories, and is it even possible? Utilising a myriad of different artistic mediums, such as audio recording, mixed-media painting, sculpture and more, the artists’ pieces will highlight what is felt, not just seen, through the passing of generations.

In different ways, each artist expresses how they archive the stories their environments whisper to them.

The exhibiting artists are: Kadiatou Coulibaly, Noel Elias, Nourhan Khaled and Cynthia Chinyere Okorafor.

Image: Cynthia Chinyere Okorafor, Kehinde, 2020, Clay, acrylic, flora, stone, glass, 15.2 x 10.2 x 0.1 cm. Courtesy of Flower Shop Collective.