Project Aikido & Usha Seejarim
Burning Man 2022

Rendering of The Resurrection of the Clothes Peg by Usha Seejarim for Bunring Man 2022.

Usha Seejarim's Monumental Sculpture x Burning Man 2022

We are delighted to collaborate in this artists’ fundraiser event together with Nana Sao and Project Aikido in order to bring Usha Seejarim’s work at this year’s Burning Man, Nevada.

Despite the many successful art installations highlighting diversity in Burning Man, there hasn’t been African representation. Project Aikido hopes in this way to provide a platform for future African art development within the Burning Man community.

The Resurrection of the Clothes Peg by Seejarim is a large scaled public artwork that is compelling, interactive, thought provoking and relevant to our current time. Designed to respond to the context of Burning Man, both in its unique culture, physical environment and its ability to engage audiences.

The monumental sculpture of half of a common household wooden clothes peg is made from steel pipes that are stacked and joined on top each other to create the form. A ladder at the bottom of the artwork offers the viewer the opportunity to climb to a small viewing deck.

The scale and anomaly of the form as an enlarged ordinary object is intended to invite the viewer to inspect the work closer. The huge pipes at the bottom of the sculpture are large enough to sit inside, lie in or crawl through. The smaller pipes on the peg are made to catch the wind to create a sound. This will only happen when the wind blows from a certain direction, thus creating a chance element.

Hosted by Sao Foundation, the fundraising event will take place at Mandrake Hotel on 25 February.

Register for the event here.

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