1-54 x Code Green
Trespassing Sale

1-54 Contemporary African Art Fair is partnering with Code Green and Christie’s for a selection of NFTs to be presented at the Trespassing auction taking place from 8 – 21 July 2022. Part of the proceeds of the online auction will go to the Great Green Wall initiative – humanity’s most audacious climate initiative growing an 8000km natural wonder of the world across Africa. Together with Inna Modja, we curated a selection of 3 NFTs from talented digital artists: Inna Modja, Andrea Oshea & Moonsundiamond. Listen to our Twitter space conversation!


Inna Modja - "The Dream Catcher"

Inna Modja is a Malian French Visual Artist & Musician. Her photography is inspired by the work of her mentor Malick Sidibé, and West African Photographers of the 60s, like Seydou Keita and Sory Sanlé. Growing up in Bamako, she was fascinated by the natural elegance of the people in the streets, which she loves to capture in sophisticated compositions. Through her Music, a powerful Desert Blues she empowers Women. She’s also a strong global figure for Social & Climate Justice. Discover more here!

Andre Oshea - "Radial Form 1"

Andre Oshea is a digital creator known for 3D modelled animations exploring futuristic notions of spirituality and transcendence. He has worked with Vogue, Netflix, Snapchat, Adult Swim, the Grammys, OneOf, and NFT Now, among others. Recent projects include Meta Black Creator Day, Digital Diaspora, as well as the documentaries Not a JPEG and Minted. Discover more here!

Moonsundiamond - "Frankenstein iii."

A Zimbabwean artist based in British Columbia. “My work explores surreality, expressivity & an attention to emotion, and naivety as a means to describe the world around me, inside me, & I suspect in other people too — Colour, the expressiveness of line, & the brut treatment of form mark my work, which looks for a reality in the unreal, in Dreams, & Unplaces.” Discover more here!

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