Video Interview
with Nelson Makamo

Exhibited by CIRCA Gallery at 1:54 London 2015, Nelson Makamo is known for his vibrant portraits set in pulsating African urbanised landscapes. Born in 1982, he now lives and works in Johannesburg, South Africa. Observing the chaotic energy typical of cities with an astute sensitivity, Makamo captures humanity’s routine in an accelerating contemporary world. In the interview below, he discusses his work and practice:

“I represent the voice of young South Africans. Not just South Africa as a whole but the continent as well. The things that they experience on a day to day. And it’s quite amazing because I think a lot of these experiences, when you start traveling, you realise that as human beings we share a lot in common. So that’s part of the journey that I actually go through in terms of my work.”

– Nelson Makamo

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