The 1-54 Studio Visit Series
with Salifou Lindou

The Cameroonian artist Salifou Lindou, represented by Afikaris (Paris, France) in the current 1-54 Online Edition, invited 1-54 to his Douala home and studio and told us more about his experience of working during lock down. Explore Afikaris presentation at 1-54 Online Edition here.

More about the artist:

The artworks of Salifou Lindou are a mix of materials. A tireless researcher, Lindou shapes, structures and dismantles metal sheets, leather, steel, paper, etc. He constantly experiments with new elements to make the most of them. “Just like a kid” as he said, Salifou expresses the need to manipulate forms and to explore materials in order to invent scenes. A member of the Kapsiki Circle, a design collective of five artists from Douala, Lindou grew up in Foumban, known as “the city of art” by many.

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