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1-54 Contemporary African Art Fair, in collaboration with artist and polymath Hassan Hajjaj, is proud to present “Love Letter,” a specially blended tea that captures the diversity of the African continent.

Love Letter is not just a tea, but a sensorial experience that was curated to invigorate your five senses. Alongside Hajjaj’s mixologist, we brought together a selected blend of ingredients that exemplify the richness of Africa, such as: rooibos, ginger, cocoa shells, fennel, cinnamon, fig pieces, carob, crushed coffee beans, moringa, pennyroyal, black pepper, orange blossom, and vanilla pieces.

We created a playlist with Worldwide FM, an award-winning radio station and platform for marginalised voices, in order to create a fulfilling experience for all your senses. From the tall cacao trees of Ghana to the sweet-smelling orange blossoms of Tunisia, Love Letter will take your tastebuds and ears on a journey through the continent and envelop you in a sweet and spicy aroma. To fully immerse yourself in the experience, be sure to listen to this curated selection of tracks.

Listen to the playlist: https://worldwidefm.net/episode/1-54-love-letter

Mini can – 100 grammes of tea

Please note a delay of three weeks for shipping.