Performances at 1-54 London 2017

In celebration of the fifth anniversary London edition of 1-54 Contemporary African Art Fair, the Special Projects include live performances by artists Hana Tefrati and Adejoke Tugbiyele.

Hana Tefrati ‘Desire Path’ (2017)

Friday, 6 October
15:00 – 17:00, West Wing

Hana Tefrati performs Desire Path, a new durational performance transforming the West Wing corridor of 1-54 into a ‘desire path’ to call attention to the marginal spaces the queer community occupies in Morocco.

Hana Tefrati (b. 1983) is a performer, dancer, artist, curator and activist working with themes of queer identity, the body in movement and social spaces of interaction. Tefrati has organised international residency programmes and events in Marrakech since 2003.Desire Path is co-produced by Mint Works, an artist-run platform based in Marrakech led by Jean Feline, Florence Devereux and Taïs Bean. Read more…

Hana Tefrati performing ‘Desire Path’ 2017 at 1-54 London © Katrina Sorrentino

Adejoke Tugbiyele ‘Shifting the Waves: The Mask, The Boat, The Broom, The Box’ (2017)

Saturday, 7 October
17:00 – 18:00, Courtyard

Adejoke Tugbiyele performs Shifting the Waves, a new performance exploring the liberating and transformative powers of movement in decolonising institutional and religious structures between Africa and the West.The performance aims at deepening our understanding of shared resources and their histories, as well as unearthing new narratives in need of voice. More specifically, Tugbiyele invites us to recognise what water can teach us. We are made from water; it cleans us, births us, transports and transforms us.

Adejoke Tugbiyele (b.1977, Brooklyn, New York) graduated with a Master of Fine Arts from the Rinehart School of Sculpture at the Maryland Institute College of Art in 2013. She lives and works in Harlem, New York. Special project supported by 1:54 and October Gallery, London. Read more…

Adejoke Tugbiyele performing ‘Shifting the Waves: The Mask, The Boat, The Broom, The Box’, 2017 at 1-54 London © Katrina Sorrentino


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