Studio tour with Emo de Medeiros and discussion led by Jeanne Mercier, January 2021

The Undisciplined #1: the Art of Crafting ‘Contextures’
Online Studio Visit and Discussion | Emo de Medeiros and Jeanne Mercier

Thursday, 21 January

English and French

Developed in dialogue with curator JEANNE MERCIER, co-founder of Afrique in Visu, the inaugural event of this 1-54 Forum opens a line of investigation into ‘undisciplined’ artistic practices that alternatively define themselves as digital shamanism, futuristic, mythological, and participatory.

To do so, join artist EMO DE MEDEIROS and Jeanne Mercier as they tour his studio and discuss his most recent work. De Medeiros’ practice fuses virtual reality and both tangible and intangible material to explore the hybridisation, interconnections and circulation of forms, technologies, myths and goods. By making ‘contextures’, his work offers a unique insight into our post-colonial, globalised and digitised 21st century world.

As a concluding step in this first journey, a unique screening of Emo de Medeiros’ recently work Handroid City (2020) will be shown for the first time on Sunday, 21 February at 3pm GMT on our YouTube channel.


Webinar | SMILE!

Friday, 22 January

English and French

Vernacular photography and the family album: a history of chosen moments, or performing the social.

Vernacular photography is a kind of amateur photography whose subject is everyday life, without aesthetic or artistic intent. For several decades, many artists have been interested in poor images, found photos, recovered albums, which do not belong to them and which tell stories, intimate, anonymous, constituting a raw material to be re-sculpted, fictionalized, in order to reinvent and re-present its function as an object of memory. A three-way conversation between LAILA HIDA, artist photographer and founder of LE 18, ANNE DELREZ, photographer and founder of Conservatoire Nationale de l’Album de Famille and CAROLLE BÉNITAH, photographer, whose practices converge towards the family album that they have in different ways, reactivated, manipulated, exhibited to explore.