Wahaab, Uthman
Born 1983 in Ilorin, Nigeria
Lives and works in Lagos, Nigeria
Multidisciplinary artist Uthman Wahaab possesses an overarching interest in social phenomenon, yet is not concerned with a consistent use of medium or even a singular aesthetic style. Utilizing painting, graphic design, film, photography, sculpture and installation, Wahaab’s work positions a critical lens at social phenomenon not only within Africa but globally. He is keenly critical of the impact of technology on shifting cultural structures, and the complex conundrum of navigating traditional values with social and economic progress. Wahaab is interested in politics of religion, cultural traditions and social differences, particularly within the context of Africa. Each series is an in-depth analysis of a new sociological study and a study manipulating new material. He both welcomes and successfully wrangles new ideas and modes of art-making. At 1-54, he will be presenting works from three recent series: Phenomenal Women, Hybrid Series and Colonial Lagos.
Uthman Wahaab, Languishing (purple square), 2017, Mixed media on canvas, 106 x 106 cm, 42 x 42 in. Courtesy Sapar Contemporary