Uwagboe, Bob-Nosa
Born 1974 in Benin City, Nigeria
Lives and works in Lagos, Nigeria
Bob-Nosa is a fine arts graduate of Auchi Polytechnic. This multidisciplinary artist works out of the Protest Art Studio, a fitting designation given the tenor of his practice: a relentless condemnation of the inhumanity of social and political systems that render people victims. The self-described art activist belongs to a protest subculture devoted to using art as a catalyst for change. His paintings, powerful, satirical comments on inhumanity, which run the gamut from abstract to representational, are distinguished by intense primary colours applied in large expressive strokes and frequently include collaged images and found materials. Surfaces are scratched with written texts and aerosol paint is roughly sprayed over and across painted forms. Bob-Nosa’s work has been the subject of solo exhibitions in Spain, Argentina and Nigeria. His artwork was presented in different contemporary art fairs and from 14 March till 24 May 2020, he will have his first solo exhibition in the National Museum in Gdansk (Poland).
Bob-Nosa Uwagboe, Radical Girl, 2020, Acrylic and spray paint on textured canvas, 117 x 122 cm, Courtesy OOA Gallery