Ukaigwe, Chukwudubem
Born 1996 in Lagos, Nigeria
Lives and works in Winnipeg, Canada
Chukwudubem Ukaigwe’s most recent painting works consciously uses a variety of mediums to relay a plurality of ideas. He views his art practice as a conversation, or a portal into one, and in some instances, as an interpretation of this ongoing exchange. Ukaigwe weighs an occurrence, feeling, or idea on a scale and then creates a narrative in his own language. He operates as an interdisciplinary artist, curator, writer, and cultural worker. Ukaigwe is the founder of Patterns Collective. Recently Ukaigwe’s works were shown at an exhibition at DADA Gallery, formerly POLARTICS, in late 2020 entitled Everything Good Will Come.
Chukwudubem Ukaigwe, Peanut Vendor, 2020, Oil on canvas, 152.4 x 274.32 cm. Courtesy of DADA Gallery.

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