Tope Fatunmbi
Lives & Works in Ibadan, Nigeria
Tope Fatunmbi’s optical portrait paintings of the hairstyles of Yoruba women look to empower and embolden those who are in many ways the pillars of Yoruban society. Luscious, flowing patterns suggest a freedom reflected in the hairstyles which are not only fashion statements but also a reflection on one's community identity. In Fatunmbi's formative years, his grandmother served as a barber in Ibadan. Fatunmbi drew parallels between the intricate process and vibrant energy involved in weaving hairstyles to the creation of abstract paintings. This comparison sparked the evolution of Fatunmbi's distinctive style of abstracted figuration.

After graduating Ibadan Polytechnic, Ibadan, in 2008, Fatunmbi has participated in several exhibitions including An Ensemble of Voices, curated by Oluwole Omofemi and Alessandro Romanini, LIS10 Gallery, Arezzo (2023); solo show The Black Prestige, Chilli Art Projects, London (2023); Beyond Imagination, Topfat Gallery, Ibadan (2018), among others.

Tope Fatunmbi will be presented by LIS10 Gallery.
Tope Fatunmbi, Bridal Priming, 2023, Oil and acrylic on canvas, 200 x 150 cm. Courtesy LIS10 Gallery.