Theda Sandiford
Lives & Works in Saint Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands
Theda Sandiford, esteemed for her innovative fibre and installation art, channels racial trauma into vibrant textiles. Through weaving, coiling, and jewellery-making, she intertwines diverse materials and community contributions, crafting a "social fabric" of collective memory. Her approach fosters dialogue on equity, inclusion, and sustainability, uniting through art and social practice. Sandiford says, “Microaggressions are subtle yet impactful, often unnoticed by those perpetrating them. As a person of colour, I've faced invasive encounters like unwanted hair-touching and patronising compliments. Through my art, utilising diverse materials, I prompt reflection on these biases, aiming to dismantle their harmful effects.”

Amongst exhibitions, accolades include Excellence in Fibers VI & Fiber VIII the New Jersey City Visual Artist Award, and fellowships from the New Jersey State Council on the Arts and New Jersey Arts Council. Sandiford has also been selected for the National of Leaders of Color Fellowship 2023-24.

Theda Sandiford will be presented by KATES-FERRI PROJECTS.
Theda Sandiford, Liquid Ice, 2023, Recovered marine rope, cowrie shells, macrame cord, acrylic yarns, metallic rayon fabric and yarn knotted and wrapped on three-ply cotton rope, 167 x 172 x 25 cm. Courtesy of the artists and KATES-FERRI PROJECTS.