Taha, Mona
Born 1988 in Kampala, Uganda
Lives and works in Kampala, Uganda
Mona Taha, born in Uganda in 1988 to an Egyptian father and a Rwandese mother, is a self-taught artist. Taha primarily works with charcoal on medium to large-scale paper. Her drawings are figurative and oftentimes self-portraits depicting herself in intimate, yet mundane poses. She is fascinated by anatomy and how the body can portray a message oscillating between motion or stillness. Tahaʼs quest for self-discovery and self-empowerment is a rebellion and a call to action for those who are restless, looking for defiance, resilience, and the inner calmness that comes with knowing and appreciating oneself. She has participated in “Surfaces 2019”, an artist discovery platform by Afriart Gallery.
Mona Taha, Untitled 3, 2021 Charcoal and graphite on pastel paper, 65x50 cm. Courtesy of Afriart Gallery

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