Stephanie Lindquist
Lives & Works in Minneapolis, USA
Stephanie Lindquist is a Liberian-American visual artist based in Minneapolis. Her practice is grounded in painting, gardening, cooking, and medicine-making as a means to amplify overlooked roots and systems that meet contemporary challenges.

Lindquist's works render connections with the environment tender and tangible through textured surfaces and intimate exchanges. Her use of soil and plants—which trace the lineages that the earth grounds, bears, and nourishes—soothe complicated relationships with land, food, and medicine.

Lindquist received her BA from Columbia University and MFA from the University of Minnesota. She is a 2022–2024 Artist-in-Residence at Macalester College and was a 2020 Visiting Artist at North Dakota State University. She is a recipient of the Midway Contemporary Art Visual Arts Fund (2020) and The Bronx Museum of the Arts Artist in the Marketplace programme (2017). Lindquist’s upcoming presentations include a solo exhibition at Dreamsong, Minneapolis and Sweat Together: Public Pleasure, an ongoing public sauna series focused on herbal medicine.

Stephanie Lindquist will be presented by Kendeja Collective.
Stephanie Lindquist, Maliama’s Ngulogboli, 2022, Baoma, Swamp, Dɔmagbiami, Well, Dovalema, Uncle Dauda’s farm, acrylic, and palm oil on cotton, 76.2 x 99.1 cm. Courtesy of Kendeja Collective.