Sorin, Yoan
Born 1982 in Cholet, France
Lives and works in Marseille, France
Yoan Sorin started as a professional sportsman before graduating from L’école des Beaux-arts de Nantes, Nantes; Concordia University, Montreal and finally from the University of Castilla la Mancha, Cuenca. He was briefly a teacher in Haiti, a cultural guide in Greece and founded an artists’ residence in Douarnenez. He uses various mediums in his work, exploring the limits of creative processes between success and failure. The performance becomes an essential element in his production in order to physically experience the nature of the objects created. Infused with popular culture, his drawings, paintings, videos and performances disturb the distinctions between popular culture and art in a setting set of errors, deletions, repetitions, drawings or lines without ends. By using simple visual signs, Sorin addresses complex themes that tie his approach to critical work on social, political and cultural issues. Sorin’s work has been most recently been shown at Palais de Tokyo, Paris (2019); CAC Brétigny, Brétigny sur Orges (2019); Hunter East Harlem Galerie, New York (2019); espace d’art contemporain 14N 61W, Martinique (2018). Sorin is currently artist in residence at Triangle Astérides in Marseille, France. His work has been acquired by collectors globally in the USA, France, UK and Qatar.
Yoan Sorin, Sans titre (Cave 1), 2020, Pigments, binder and plaster on wood, 60x40 cm. Courtesy of espace d'art contemporain 14N 61W.

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