Shimoyama, Devan
Born 1989 in Philadelphia, USA
Lives and works in in Pittsburgh, USA
Devan Shimoyama is a visual artist working primarily in self-portraiture and narratives inspired from classical mythology and allegory. He explores the process of understanding his origins and also investigates the politics of queer culture. Shimoyama seeks to depict the black queer male body as something that is both desirable and desirous, showcasing the relationship between celebration and silence in queer culture and sexuality. His composition is inspired from the canons of Caravaggio and Goya, though adding a more contemporary expression and sensuality. With the usage of various materials: paint, stencils, black glitter, rhinestones, and sequins, Shimoyama creates pieces that capture the magical spirit of human beings. Shimoyama graduated from Penn State University in 2011 with a BFA in Drawing/Painting before obtaining his MFA at Yale University School of Art in 2014. In 2013, Yale University School of Art awarded Shimoyama the Al Held Fellowship. The artist's most recent solo exhibition was Devan Shimoyama: Cry, Baby, The Andy Warhol Museum, Pittsburgh (2018-2019).
Devan Shimoyama, Miles, 2019, Oil, color pencil, jewelry, Flashe, glitter, collage, sequins and fabric on canvas stretched over panel, 152 x 122 cm. Courtesy De Buck Gallery