Saidou Dicko
Lives & Works in Paris, France
Shadows have fascinated self-taught, multimedia artist, Saïdou Dicko, since childhood; whilst working as a shepherd boy, he would trace and retrace the outlines of the landscapes and animals he encountered. In his series of painted photographs, The Shadowed People, Dicko covers his subjects with black paint in a bid to transform individuals into their shadow selves. Dicko’s work is also informed by experiences moving between Paris and Burkina Faso, as well as the different and varying cultures he has encountered on his travels. The artist has exhibited widely, and is the recipient of several prizes from international biennials, fairs, and exhibitions. Saidou Dicko will be presented by AFIKARIS.
Saïdou Dicko, Recycling Princess Yacht ACT2 T Paris Green, 2022, Painted photography, 90 x 120 cm. Courtesy of AFIKARIS.