Ransome Stanley
Born in 1953 in London, UK. Lives and works in Munich, Germany
Born in London to a Nigerian father and a German mother, Ransome Stanley currently resides in Munich. Drawing from colonial clichés presented in Western culture and idioms of 19th century bourgeois society, Stanley problematises the images of exoticism globally disseminated across the media. Claiming to be ‘a shifter transitioning between two worlds’, he utilises this elasticity as such, to disrupt the territories of truth and fiction within the pictorial space of painting. Stanley describes how he draws from the ‘archive’ of the media and its industry, to then reconfigure its language through appropriation and montage. Working with visual motifs drawn from the canons of history, politics, ethnology, symbolism and mythological teachings, Stanley implicates the images that society holds familiar, or has been repeatedly exposed to. In essence, the viewer is forced to question the cultural axioms that have become encoded within the collective consciousness of humanity.
'Talk', 2015. Oil on canvas. 180 x 160 cm / 70.87 x 62.99 in. Courtesy of ARTCO Gallery. Photo: Jens Mauritz