Phoebe Boswell
Born in 1982 in Nairobi, Kenya. Lives and works in London, the UK
Phoebe Boswell was born in Nairobi to a Kikuyu mother and fourth generation British-Kenyan father, and spent her upbringing in the Middle East before settling in London. Boswell’s work takes her own passage of migration and multicultural identity as an entry point into wider social explorations. Boswell’s practice remains connected to a personal exploration of the notion of ‘home’ – for her a sense of belonging dislocated from a static environment. In her words, she has always had ‘a fragile understanding of the definition’. For these reflections, she combines the toils of traditional draftswomanship with digital technology to produce drawings, animations, and installations that communicate global narratives, fractured by itinerant movements. In 2012, she was shortlisted for the Art Foundation's Animation Fellowship; and was the first recipient of the Sky Academy Arts Scholarship. In 2015, she was a Florence Trust artist-in-residence. Boswell’s works have been exhibited at Carroll / Fletcher in London; the Royal Academy in London; and most recently at the Göteborg International Biennial for Contemporary Art in Sweden in 2015.
Phoebe Boswell, A Hundred & Seventeen Likes (from the series Facebook Selfies : The Likeness Project), 2016, Pencil on Paper, 23 x 25 cm (mounted), Courtesy of TAFETA