Padeu, Marc
Born 1990 in Melong, Cameroon
Lives and works in Yaoundé, Cameroon
Marc Padeu’s recent work looks at the people living in Haut-Penja, an agricultural region in Cameroon. The area is primarily known for its banana plantations, a product grown for export to Europe. Padeu’s paintings give faces to these local agricultural families and draws attention to their daily lives. As religion plays a core part of these communities, Padeu’s compositions often reference Old Master paintings. He is particularly concerned with the dangers of long-term exposure to agrochemicals, but also points to consumer society, globalisation, brand fetishization and trade. Padeu’s work has been exhibited at the National Museum of Yaoundé, Cameroon and the National Gallery of Contemporary Art, Cameroon.
Marc Padeu, Le mariage de Leila, 2020, Acrylic on canvas, 200 x 220 cm. Courtesy of Jack Bell Gallery.

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