Ové, Zak
Born in 1966 in London, UK. Lives and works in London
Zak Ové works in sculpture, film, painting and photography, often collaging the various elements using found, cast, and recovered materials. Interested in reinterpreting lost cultures and mythology using modern and antique materials, Ové pays tribute to both spiritual and artistic African and Trinidadian identities which have been granted new meanings through Trinidadian carnival and the transcultural dispersion of ideas. Of continual interest is the emancipation of personal existence through incarnation with an “other self”, showing us the power of play to free an individual from the composure of personal identity. Ové has participated in international museum exhibitions in London, Dakar, Paris, Dubai, Prague, Berlin, Johannesburg, Bamako, and New York. His installation of Moko Jumbies was first exhibited in the Great Court of the British Museum (2015), and will later move to the Africa Galleries. Ové is the first Caribbean artist to enter the museum’s permanent collection.
Zak Ové, DP29, 2017, Plywood frame with sacking crochet doilies, 180 x 122 cm / 71 x 48 in, Courtesy Vigo Gallery