Othmane Bengebara
Lives & Works in Rabat, Morocco
Othmane Bengebara is an architect and conceptual artist. Bengebara uses mirrors in his work as a means of reflecting and positioning viewers within the artwork in an attempt to remind viewers of their role and commitment to a shared future.  He trained at the Special School of Architecture in Paris and at the University Catholic Pontifical of Rio de Janeiro. In 2012, he exhibited his first works at the Wuho Gallery in Los Angeles, winner of the City vision competition. His commitment, his vision of the city and society led him in 2015 to co-found the New South association. It is part of research based on new concepts of the cities of the future. It undertakes through exhibitions, workshops and conferences, to promote thought and production from emerging countries. Othmane Bengebara will be present by Loft Art Gallery.
Othmane Bengebara, Monday, 2022, 65 x 81 cm. Courtesy of Loft Art Gallery.