Omofemi, Oluwole
Born 1988 in Ibadan, Nigeria
Lives and works in Ibadan, Nigeria
Oluwole Omofemiʼs paints Black women, some with facial markings, some crowned with engulfing halo-esque afros that are reminiscent of past martyrs of the Black Power movement that swept the global African diaspora in the late 1960s right through to the early 1980s. Oluwoleʼs overarching mission is to showcase Afrocentric pride, which he maintains can only truly be championed through how Black women view themselves, and in turn are viewed by others. For Oluwole, true liberty and emancipation for Africa, and Black people at large, can only be achieved and realized once Black women are free to be their true selves and are embraced and celebrated as they are. His artwork has been shown at solo and group shows in Nigeria, Ghana, Belgium, UK and Spain.
Oluwole Omofemi, Yesterday has gone, 2021, Oil and acrylic on canvas 106 cm x 120.5 cm. Courtesy of OOA Gallery.

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