Mous Lamrabat
Lives & Works in Ghent, Belgium
Following the completion of an interior architecture course, Mous Lamrabat turned his attention to photography. The immediacy of the medium gave him a sense of satisfaction and a new outlet for creativity that has since allowed the artist to redefine the genre of fashion photography. Ironically denouncing consumer society through the deft mixing of luxury items with counterfeits, Lamrabat’s models, most of which have masked faces and bodies, are shot within dramatic Moroccan landscapes. Self-taught, Lamrabat’s mission is to represent Moroccan culture from a new perspective. He regularly collaborates with magazines such as Naatal, Tush Magazine, and Stylist France. Mous Lamrabat will be present by Loft Art Gallery.
Mous Lamrabat, The girl with the cheesy earrings, 2022, 4 editions. Courtesy of Loft Art Gallery.