Mombaça, Jota
Born 1991 in Natal, Brazil
Lives and works in Lisboa, Portugal
Jota Mombaça is a non-binary bicha, born and raised in the northeast of Brazil, who writes, performs, and investigates the relations between monstrosity and humanity, kuir studies, de-colonial turns, political intersectionality, anti-colonial justice, redistribution of violence, visionary fictions, the end of the world and tensions among ethics, aesthetics, art and politics in the knowledge productions of the global south-of-the-south. Since 2013, Mombaça’s work has been presented globally in Brazil, France, Australia, Spain and Portugal. Mombaça is writer in residency at Nottingham Contemporary, Nottingham until June of this year.
Jota Mombaça and Michelle Musa Mattiuzzi, 2021, 1, Coal on paper, 2020, 300 x 100 cm. Courtesy of HOA and @WallaceDomingues.

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