Mbugua, Evans
Born 1979 in Nairobi, Kenya
Lives and works in Paris, France
Mbugua studied Fine Arts with option Graphic Design at ESAC Pau, France. This grounding is evident in his portraits; vibrant compositions with a multitude of patterns linked to each other, whose bright colours catch the eye. Working in oil paint on plexiglass, the artist composes his works from a series of dots, creating layers that, in the finished works, result in shapes coming in and out of focus as the viewer moves towards or away from each piece. These works celebrate and elevate his subjects with brightness and reflections while simultaneously revealing their human fragility. Mbugua's works are held in institutions and private collections in France, the UK, Italy, the United States, Denmark, Nigeria, Morocco and Kenya. He has been featured in exhibitions in Paris, London, Barcelona and New York. Recently, he designed a series of brooches for the Parisian jeweller Chaumet, six extraordinary animal-themed pieces imbued with off-beat humour, colour and character.
Evans Mbugua, Guturamira-Ngania, 2020, Oil on plexiglass and photo paper, 100cm x 100cm, Courtesy OOA Gallery