Mazmouz, Fatima
Born 1974 in Casablanca, Morocco
Lives and works in Casablanca, Morocco
Fatima Mazmouz creates works that critique the social constructions of womanhood and identity, and explores colonial inheritance. The body as a tool for communication is a central theme in her work, which often includes an element of performance by the artist herself. Growing up with a trader father offered her a glimpse into the running of a grocery store, which she sees as a microcosm for society at large, a human laboratory of sorts that allowed her to acquire an awareness of issues around domination and the representation of the other. Mazmouz pursued art history academically, which prompted her decades-long research and exploration of art history in Arab countries, studying sociocultural phenomena at the heart of the colonial and post-colonial ruling system.
Fatima Mazmouz, Uterus, 2018, Origine : Flandrin - 15. - Casablanca - Le quartier réservé - Type de jeune marocaine – From the series, Bouzbir, Digital print, 70 x 50 cm, Ed 2/5, Courtesy of Galerie 127