Mayne, Raphael Adjetey Adjei
Born 1983 in Accra, Ghana
Lives and works in Germany
Raphael Adjetey Adjei Mayne is an artist whose mediums span from the stretched line of a canvas to the cotton of African fabrics. A self-taught artist, Mayne has built on his craftmanship and worked with a sewing machine for over a decade to create an utterly unique style, bringing a mixed-matched patchwork of African materials to the canvas. Mayne studied at the Ghanatta College of Art and Design in Accra-Ghana. Today, he uses Adinkra symbols from West Africa in his paintings on canvas and paper to capture the essence of a moment in simple detail, evoking peaceful reflection and colorful movements filled with positive energy. Mayne combines the traditional influences of his homeland Ghana with the modern aesthetic.
Raphael Adjetey Adjei Mayne, Untitled, 2018, Collage mixed media, 60 X 90 cm, Courtesy Afikaris