Mafafo, Kimathi
Born 1984 in Kimberley, South Africa
Lives and works in Cape Town, South Africa
Kimathi Mafafo is a multidisciplinary artist whose practice ranges from embroidery, oil painting to installation. Mafafo questions historical stereotypes around gender inequality in Africa. Her work creates a tension between becoming, concealing and revealing, retreating and showing up, all of which are an embodiment of the arduous negotiations Black women have to make in navigating their existence in society. Mafafo obtained a National Diploma in Fine Arts from the College of Cape Town in 2007 and a National Diploma in Film and Video from the Cape Peninsula University of Technology in 2016. She has participated in several solo shows and featured in many group exhibitions in South Africa as well as in the USA, France and Turkey.
Kimathi Mafafo, The Shrine - A Place For Meditation, 2020, Hand embroidered fabric, 126 x 321 cm. Courtesy of EBONY/CURATED.|Kimathi Mafafo, Awaiting I, 2020, Hand and machine embroidery on fabric, 136 x 127 cm. Courtesy of Ebony Curated

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