Lundangi, Franck
Born 1958 in Maquela Do Zombo, Angola
Lives and works in Briare, France
A man of several professional identities, Franck Lundangi first embraced a football career in Africa before taking an interest in the arts shortly after his arrival in France in the early 90s. His early explorations in art-making soon blossomed into a cohesive envelopment of painting, printmaking, sculpture, and watercolour, among others. An ardent devotee of rich ochres and earthy pigments, his painted tableaus are often foregrounded by chimeric creatures and humans, loosely bound to one another. Lundangi has participated in numerous solo and group exhibitions, including Africa Remix (2004–07 in Düsseldorf, London, Paris, Tokyo, Johannesburg) and more recently, Immortal Menagerie, Cavin-Morris Gallery, New York (2017). Solo exhibitions include Dialogues, Galerie Anne De Villepoix, Paris (2017); Trajectoires VII Galerie Frédéric Moisan, Paris (2015) and Rêves, Galerie Maine Durieu, Paris (2014). Acquisitions of his work have been made by several public and private foundations such as Fondation Blachère.
Franck Lundangi, Voyage essential, 2018, Acrylic paint and pigments on paper, 240 x 120 cm. Courtesy Galerie Anne de Villepoix