Lorena Torres
Lives & Works in Bogotá, Colombia
Born in 1991, both raised in Colombia and of Caribbean descent, Lorena Torres' artistic journey is a tale of her intimate bond with the rural landscapes she grew up in, and serves as a profound testament to her deep connection with the essence of her vibrant background. Torres crafts surreal narratives that delve into a collective history steeped in enchantment. Drawing inspiration from family tales, she conjures scenarios both captivating and whimsical. Her figures are adorned with flowers, fruits, and intricate patterns, adding a romantic allure to their reality. There's a palpable sense of indulgence inherent to her work, as her characters interact blissfully, seemingly oblivious to the passage of time.

Lorena's art yearns for simplicity, evoking a nostalgia for a time long past, yet still familiar. It beckons for moments of true presence and invites attention to the minutiae often overlooked. Caught between the realms of reality and reverie, her works blur their lines, allowing memories to meld into dreamlike landscapes where time slows to a standstill.

She holds a BFA in Visual Arts from Pontificia Universidad Javeriana in Bogotá.

Lorena Torres will be presented by MAĀT Gallery.
Lorena Torres, La Desilusión Descansa En Una Hamaca (Disappointment Rests On A Hammock), 2023, Oil On Canvas, 140 X 160 cm. Courtesy of MAĀT Gallery.