Lisbôa, Lidia
Born 1979 in Guaíra, Paraná
Lives and works in São Paulo, Brazil
Lidia Lisbôa is a Brazilian artist whose work seeks to evoke the strength and power of the feminine, particularly, the power of women as the driving force behind the meaning of their own existence in the world. She moulds, weaves and ties fabrics and ceramics as materialisations of her life stories, her family members and those close to her, which become universal and represent the stories of many other people in Brazilian reality. As a Black woman, growing up and living in a society full of prejudices and structural violence veiled by naturalised customs and behaviours, she wants her work to weave and shape to disrupt, to undo what must be undone and to give a view to ways of life and expressions that many years of concealment aimed to forget. Lisbôa’s work has been exhibited across Brazil.
Lidia Lisbôa, CAMINHOS QUE AINDA NÃO PERCORRI, Bottons on fabric, 2020, 32 x 78 x 5 cm. Courtesy of HOA and @WallaceDomingues.

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