Lindou, Salifou
Born 1965 in Foumban, Cameroon
Lives and works in Douala, Cameroon
The artworks of Salifou Lindou are a mix of materials, "I have the art of manipulating things, I like to tinker". A tireless researcher, Lindou shapes, structures and dismantles metal sheets, leather, steel, paper, etc. He constantly experiments with new elements to make the most of them. At a time when many artists are coming back to figuration or hyperrealism, this artist seeks the perfect mastery of the abstraction of his subjects. “Like a kid” as he says, Salifou expresses the need to manipulate forms and to explore materials in order to invent scenes. A member of the Kapsiki Circle, a design collective of five artists from Douala, Lindou grew up in Foumban, known as “the city of art” by many. He started creating very early, and today he is one of the most recognized Cameroonian artists, both nationally and internationally. He was amongst the official selection of artists for Dak’Art, the Biennale of Contemporary African Art in Dakar, Senegal, in 1998.
Salifou Lindou, Politiciens 2, 2019, Pastel on paper, 100 x 80cm, Courtesy Afikaris