Kwaku Osei Owusu Achim
Lives & Works in Accra, Ghana
Kwaku Osei Owusu Achim is a visual artist whose paintings embody the ethereal essence of a dream: figures, at times surrealistically double-headed, seem to float in a misty atmosphere, all interconnected by mind and body. Infused with a spiritual dimension, Achim’s paintings serve as repositories of reflections on sign language and the invisible ties that bind people together. At the heart of these reflections lies a significant experience: while working as a medical assistant after graduating in Medical Data from Yeshua Institute of Technology, Accra, he offered art classes to children with autism. It marked an eye-opening moment for the artist, whose work has since been committed to amplifying marginalised voices.

Achim's work has recently been featured in several exhibitions in Ghana, the UK, and France and has enriched numerous private collections. In 2021, he was a visiting fellow at the Noldor Artist Residency in Accra.

Kwaku Osei Owusu Achim will be presented by Galerie REVEL.
Kwaku Osei Owusu Achim, Hands full of words, 2023, Oil on canvas, 100 x 150 cm. Courtesy of Galerie REVEL.