Kwadwo A Asiedu
Lives & Works in Ibadan, Nigeria
Kwadwo A Asiedu is a visual artist whose practice revolves around the depiction of nature through abstraction. He approaches art as a form of dialogue, with an emphasis on portraying what it means to feel a sense of stillness, and be in equilibrium with the world. By painting close-up detailed images of flora and fauna, Asiedu promotes the idea that humans as a species should create a more symbiotic relationship with the rest of the natural world, adopting attitudes outside of the hegemonic anthropocentric outlook. Through his abstracted landscapes, Asiedu conveys what he perceives to be humans’ systemic and wholesale waning of empathy towards nature, highlighting our position at the precipice of creating irreversible environmental damage. His work aims to prioritise the need for earnest methodologies that promote humans’ reconnection with nature, as opposed to continuing a relationship characterised by over-consumption and exploitation.

Kwadwo A Asiedu will be presented by kó.
Kwadwo A. Asiedu, Unbridled Lull, 2023, Acrylic on canvas, 161 x 121 cm. Courtesy of the Artist and kó.