Jungerman, Remy
Born 1959 in Moengo, Suriname
Lives and works in Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Remy Jungerman brings together motifs from the De Stijl movement of Dutch modernism with the Maroon culture of his native Suriname. He drapes wooden planks with ceremonial fabrics worn by the practitioners of the Winti religion of West Africa in the Surinamese rainforest. Each color pattern honors a particular pantheon of deities — water, earth, wind. The fabric is covered by a fine layer of kaolin clay with which the Maroons cover their faces to become ghost-like and connect with ancestral spirits. Jungerman then cuts a modernist grid in the clay, partially revealing the fabric underneath to create a polyrhythmic dialog between the handmade and the readymade layers, which underscores the connections and tensions inherent in the post-colonial world. Jungerman’s solo exhibitions include IN TRANSIT , 38CC, Delft, The Netherlands (2017); Winter Artist Residency at the Hudson Valley Center of Contemporary Art (HVCCA), Peekskill, New York (2016-2017); FESITEN first-time, C&H Gallery, Amsterdam, The Netherlands (2016); and Crossing the Water, Gemeentemuseum Den Haag, The Hague, The Netherlands (2015). He also presented The Measurement of Presence in collaboration with Iris Kensmil and curated by Benno Tempel at the 58th Venice Biennale in 2019.
Remy Jungerman, Promise V, 2019, Cotton textile, kaolin (pimba), yarn, nails, wood (yellow poplar, plywood), 92.50 x 32 x 32 inches, Courtesy Fridman Gallery