Imloul, Sara and Nicolas Lefevbre
Sara Imloul
Born 1986 in Paris, France
Lives and works in Paris, France

Nicolas Lefebvre
Born 1982 in Boulogne-Billancourt, France
Lives and works in Paris, France
Through her work, Sara Imloul invites us to dive into an intimate, monochrome universe of theatrics that make use of light and dark. Her first series, Black Circus, was inspired by a calotype, a photographic process invented in the 19th century that enabled the production of paper negatives and hence the reproduction of contact images. Experimenting beyond this technique, Imloul has produced multiple series. Negatives (2012) comprises of individual 4x5 camera images in which the contact leaves room for the original negative on baryte paper. In 2013, she collaborated with performance artist Nantais to create a video and installation, T.R.E.S.E.D Ballad on the Imbalance of Falling. Using more personal family photos, Imloul created The Castle (2014) series. Most recently, Imloul has collaborated with sculptor Nicolas Lefebvre, for the series À Quatre Mains. Imloul photographed the sculptor’s works made of a piece of cloth, stone found in a Moroccan desert, a Berber candlestick and other historical objects. Through Imloul’s photographs, the sculptures acquire a spiritual quality, like sacred ancestral archives.
Sara Imloul & Nicolas Lefebvre, Le grelot, 2019, From the series, A quatre mains, Calotype, 50 x 60 cm, Ed 2/3, Courtesy of Galerie 127