Gyasi, Prince
Born 1995 in Accra, Ghana
Lives and works in Accra, Ghana
Prince Gyasi shot his first photographs through an iPhone in order to break artistic conventions and question the elitism found in art. Gyasi likes to define his work as ‘a therapy through colours’ as he believes colours can have a strong and positive impact on mental health. This practice also echoes his synaesthesia condition which makes him associate each word, sound or emotion to a colour. His signature editing process precisely aims at making his audience enter his own reality. Gyasi is also committed to showing the nobility and grace of Black skin, offering viewers a counter-narrative to dominant western-centred notions of beauty.
Prince Gyasi, The Brother’s Bond, 2020, Photograph, 58 x 85 cm, ed of 10 + 4 AP. Courtesy of Nil Gallery.

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