Gor Soudan
Born in 1983 in Kisumu, Kenya. Lives and works in Nairobi, Kenya
Gor Soudan is a conceptual artist whose practice is informed by the by-products of excess, he relies on circumstance and incidence to engage ontological ideas. Gor transforms everyday materials to reflect upon the rapid changes that Africa, particularly Kenya, is undergoing. He works with pages of the Kenyan constitution, widely and freely distributed during the country’s referendum, as well as with carton, plastic and, more recently, ‘protest wire’, a tangled black mass of wire he salvaged from an area where car tires were burnt during civil unrest in Nairobi. The resulting beautiful, haunting, and thought-provoking works are testament to Soudan’s acute and satirical observations on human nature and his engagement with socio-political issues embedded within urban culture. Soudan’s current project More Deader and Outer Things (2015–) responds to rapid urbanisation and the problematic destruction of natural environments in developing communities. The project follows Bubbles & Shells (2014), a series of works produced during his travels in West Africa and Japan.
Gor Soudan, Join the dots III, 2015, Pen, ink and watercolor on paper, 75 x 109.5 cm / 29.53 x 43.11 in, Courtesy of ARTLabAfrica