Godine, Hana Yilma
Born 1993 in Arssi Negele, Ethiopia
Lives and works in Addis Ababa Ethiopia
Hana Yilma Godine's work is influenced by observations of her surroundings and social structures during her upbringing in the multicultural metropolis of Addis Ababa, and while traveling and studying in Europe and the United States. Godine received an MFA from Boston University in 2020, having previously studied at Casa Da Zhventude de Ourence, Spain; the Abyssinia School of Fine Art and Design, and the Allé School of Fine Arts and Design, Addis Ababa, where her teacher was the modernist master Tadesse Mesfin. Spaces within Space is the artist’s first show in New York. Her first institutional solo exhibition Victory recently opened at the National Museum of Ethiopia.
Hana Yilma Godine, Spaces Within Space (3), 2019, Oil on Fabric 178 x137 cm. Courtesy of Fridman Gallery.

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