Gateja, Sanaa
Born 1950 in Kisoro District, Uganda
Lives and works in Kampala, Uganda
Sanaa Gateja is an artist, innovator and social entrepreneur. He is interested in notions of African nature and culture and how to reconcile them with innovation and creativity. He composes his tactile tableaux from conical beads which are made by the artist studioʼs community from paper recycled from newspapers, magazines and popular books. They are then stitched on bark cloth- a material made out of an East African ficus tree that is still produced for ancient rituals. Through abstract or figurative, intricate compositions, the artistʼs tableaux deploy a textile quality that gives them a unique sensuous, fluid aspect. Gatejaʼs works are permanently on display in The National Museums of Uganda and Kenya. They were exhibited among other places in the Cairo International Biennial, Egypt; Museum of Art and Design, New York; Biennale Gwangju, Korea, Mbari Institute Washington, African Centre, London.
Sanaa Gateja, Elatinaceae, 2021, Paper, Acrylic, Bark Cloth, 200 x 110 cm. Courtesy of 50 Golborne.

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