Falade, Tobi Alexandra
Born 1995 in Warri, Nigeria
Lives and works in London and Liverpool, UK
Tobi Alexandra Falade engages with narratives of modern Black British life and dialogues of African and post-colonial contexts. She creates compositions by collaging and manipulating photography of Nigeria from old family albums and her own photography, to draw different worlds together and build new narratives. Falade frequently uses herself as a model within her artworks to explore narratives of identity and self. Her ‘shadow self’ refers to a version of herself that she imagines has continued living on in Nigeria even after she was physically divorced from her country of origin, she thinks of this as her ‘Other.ʼ Falade graduated from Wimbledon College of Art in 2019. She was recently awarded The SPACE Artists Award (2021), The Very Special Fund, a grant by Hennessy in partnership with gal-dem (2021), Black Girl Fest Creative Fund (2021), Hottinger Prize for Excellence FBA Futures (2020), and The Royal Female School of Art Foundation (RFSA) Final Year Award (2019).
Tobi Alexandra Falade, Gele Bébé, 2019, Oil Paint and Bar on acetone transfers on canvas, 150 x 120 x 4 cm. Courtesy of DADA Gallery.

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