Eziefula, Johnson
Born 1998 in Imo, Nigeria
Lives and works in Lagos, Nigeria
Johnson Eziefula's work depicts young Black people as visual icons mimicking physical hybrids, expressing a distinctive sense of westernized contemporary style, social behaviour, oozing aura & manifesting individual personalities as well as identity, perhaps being symbolized as a visual demonstration of the inevitable result of globalization, migration, post-colonization and the presence of technological advancements on the physical representation of young Black people, culturally. The artist addresses the inevitable hybridity of self & cultural influence, urging that this ‘Newness of Self’ with all the questions it brings, be celebrated. Eziefula’s work has been exhibited globally. Exhibitions include, A friendly Exchange, Ross-Sutton Gallery, New York (2021); Stop, Listen!, CFHILL, Stockholm (2021); BLACK VOICES: Friend of My Mind, Ross-Sutton Gallery, New York (2020); Liminality in Infinite Space, African Artists’ Foundation and Alliance Française, Lagos (2020) and Cultural Hybrids, Corridor Contemporary Art Gallery, Tel-Aviv (2020).

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