Ekene Emeka-Maduka
Lives & Works in Winnipeg, Canada
Ekene Emeka-Maduka’s practice includes paintings, sculpture and film. She presents narratives often set in vaguely relatable backdrops that carefully defy reality. She achieves relatability in her work by taking mundane moments with commonplace significance in her home country, Nigeria, and juxtaposing them against moments, events and motifs potentially recognisable and relatable globally. In this way, she studies the relationship between self-identification and communal identity.

Having spent her formative years in Kano, Emeka-Maduka moved to Canada where she later undertook her BFA at the University of Manitoba, Winnipeg. Prior to graduating in 2020, in 2017, she was awarded a grant by collector and rapper, Kasseem Daoud Dean a.k.a Swizz Beatz. Since 2017, she has exhibited work in group and solo shows globally including the landmark exhibition at Jeffrey Deitch Los Angeles entitled Self-Addressed (2021) curated by artist Kehinde Wiley. In 2023, Maduka fabricated a public art piece at the STAGES Biennial by Plug-In ICA. In the same year, she was also shortlisted for the Norval Sovereign African Art Prize 2023.

Ekene Emeka-Maduka will be presented by FABIENNE LEVY.
Ekene Emeka-Maduka, Grief Circle, 2022, Oil on canvas, 76.2 cm diameter. Courtesy of Fabienne Levy.