Dlamini, Lwando
Born 1992 in Engcobo, South Africa
Lives and works in Cape Town, South Africa
Lwando Dlamini brings attention to the injustices of police brutality in the townships all over South Africa as well as the violent bodily harm he has faced through an illness and near-death experiences. At the age of ten, he was paralysed and survived a prolonged coma. Ten years later, he was brutally attacked by corrupt police, resulting in a severely damaged cornea. In his practice he stirs a conversation around his awareness about the broken body, particularly focusing on memory loss. Dlamini has participated in group shows at FNB Art Joburg, Investec Cape Town Art Fair, Intersect Chicago and African Galleries Now in partnership with Artsy. Dlamini was the recipient of the 2018 David Koloane award and a finalist at the prestigious Absa L'Atelier Art competition.
Lwando Dlamini, THREE YOUNG MEN (AMAKRWALA) [triptych], 2020, Oil, gaffer tape, thread and gold leaf on canvas, 82 x 68 cm (each). Courtesy of EBONY/CURATED.

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