Dicko, Saïdou
Born 1979 in Burkina Faso
Lives and works in Paris, France
From a young age Saïdou Dicko has been fascinated by shadows, this interest was only solidified when he started looking at shadows through imagery. Shadows are a consist aspect of his oeuvre. Through painting, photography, video or installations, Dicko transforms the representation of forms giving life to visual phenomena, to physical and psychological events of light, uniting the two extreme values that are at the heart of black and white contrast. He finds pleasure in bringing together the opposites to bring attention to equality, union, maternal love, freedom, humanity. Dicko’s photographic work has received many awards. He notably won the price of Fondation Blachère in 2006 in Dakar, as well as the Francophonie price in 2007 during the Rencontres in Bamako. In 2008, in Dakar, he received the price of the Thamgidi foundation prize as well as the Off price from the public, supported by the European Union.
Saïdou Dicko, Here is the way to happiness T fleurs rose red, 2020, Painted Photography, 100 x 75 cm. Courtesy of Afikaris. |Saïdou Dicko, Gaou à New York, 2018, From the series, The Shadowed Peoples, 45 x 60 cm, Unique piece. Courtesy Loft Art Gallery

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