Clay Apenouvon
Lives & Works in Paris, France
Clay Apenouvon was born in 1970 in Togo, where, as a child, he had a conflicting relationship with the school institution. In 1992 he left Togo for Paris, where he met many artists and further developed his skillset. His work involves using cardboard as a physical support and artistic medium. Apenouvon is interested in the New Realism movement, with his plastic creations being characterised by the appropriation of what is real. Cardboard acts as a symbolic material to address the harmfulness of packaging, which is a major subject in both his thinking and artistic approach.

For Apenouvon, his work above all embodies the notion of adding soul to otherwise concrete substances. He renders materials that are immediately available around him the origin of his creations, making installation spectacles from the various materials belonging to the everyday.

His work has been exhibited in FIAC (2019), Galerie Marianne Ibrahim, 110 Galerie Véronique Rieffel, Beaux Arts Des Meilleurs solo show (2023), Biennale de Dakar (2024) and Prix de la Norval Foundation, Afrique du Sud.

Clay Apenouvon will be presented by 110 Galerie Véronique Rieffel.
Clay Apenouvon, BLACK PROFILE V, 2020, Pyrography on plastic, Recycled plastic materials, survival blanket, 220 x 145 x 8 cm. Courtesy of Clay Apenouvon.