Christian, Haneem
Born 1996 in Cape Town, South Africa
Lives and works in Cape Town, South Africa
Haneem Christian is a visual poet and activist, born and raised in Grassy Park in Cape Town. Christian is a graduate of Gender Studies and Environmental and Geographical Sciences from the University of Cape Town. After graduating, Christian forged her way as a formidable creative director and photographer, with a particular focus on representation within the Black and Brown LGBTQIA+ community. Christian stated in an interview with YWYWMAGAZINE, ‘My intention behind the work I create is to make work that young children can find pieces of themselves in. Work that young, queer, Black and Brown children can find themselves in and remember that they are beautiful, worthy and most importantly, that they are not alone.’ Christian’s work has been exhibited both in South Africa and the US.
Haneem Christian, Bloom, 2019, Archival ink jet print on cotton rag paper, 84 x 119 cm. Courtesy of EBONY/CURATED.

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